Getting Around Bangkok

BusesThe ordinary city buses are not air-conditioned and are usually crowded during peak hours but their frequency is good. There are two types of ordinary buses - the blue and the red ones. Besides, there are smaller private buses. The blue buses and the smaller private buses charge Bht. 2.50 and the red buses charge Bht. 3.50 throughout the routes. Though comfortable for most of the day, the air-conditioned buses are packed tol capacity by office-workers during the morning and evening rush hours. The fares on the blue buses range from Bht. 6 for a distance of up to 8 km. to a maximum of Bht. 16. And from Bht 8 on the orange buses. Most maps of Bangkok indicate the numbers of air-conditioned buses and their respective routes. Smaller than the blue air-conditioned buses, micro buses operate on some of the major routes in the city. The seats have enough leg space. For the convenience of the passengers, the buses carry a stock of Thai-language magazines. Video entertainment also is available on board.

TaxisWith the recent introduction of metered taxis, it has become very convenient for visitors to hail them and go to any destination without any haggling over fares. The metered taxis have a sign "Taxi Meter" on their roofs. The minimum fare is Bht. 35 for a distance of no more than 2 km. The fare increases according to the distance covered. For example, for a journey of 5 km, the meter will show Bht. 49, for 10.99 km, the charge will be Bht. 71, for 18.99 km, the meter will show Bht. 99, and Bht. 125 for a distance of 26.39 km. These rates are based on a travel speed of over 6 km per hour. If the speed is slower, a surcharge of one baht per minute is added automatically. In case of travel by expressway, the toll is payable by the passenger.

Sky Train StationsThe typical station consists of two levels - concourse and platform. The concourse provides ticketing facilities and other passenger amenities as well as access to the system. The platform is for waiting, boarding and alighting from the train. Please be aware that the train may approach the platform anytime, from any direction.

TrainsOur trains are designed to high international standards. Doors open / close automatically. Beeper sounds will warn you when the doors are about to close. If standing please stand clear of the door's at all times.

Tuk - Tuks These three-wheeled automobiles are best used for covering short distances. Less convenient than taxis, the tuk-tuks are considered a faster mode of transport. They are also cheaper than ordinary taxis but fares must be negotiated before boarding. Want to try ?

Private Cars & VansBangkok has a number of private car rental agencies with fleet of modern cars and vans. Chauffeur-driven cars can be rented from the agencies. To rent a car the driver must be over the age of 21 years and hold a full license either in Thai or from the rentes country of origin, with an English translation. Hertz, Avis and Budget are the most popular rental companies in Thailand.

Motor Cycle TaxisRiding as a pillion on a motorcycle taxi is the fastest way to travel around the city, as they can dart through the non-moving traffic. When using a motorcycle taxi there is a legal requirement to wear a crash helmet.

Ferry ServicesTraveling by ferry is a fun way to cross the Chao Phraya River. It's also a cheap way to travel up and down the river.

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